1 TRUTH APPAREL is a clothing line rooted in Jesus with a message. Our message is that theirs only 1 TRUTH and that 1 TRUTH is none other than the one and only son of God Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Our motto is (Ministry Through Clothing) what we do is design Fly clothes with a message. The concept and idea of 1 TRUTH APPAREL was created in 2014. The company itself 1 TRUTH APPAREL LLC did not materialize until 2020 six years later after the birth of the idea and concept of the brand. When I created the concept of the brand I was thinking about the young kids and young men and woman who have no one to talk to them about God and his love but everyone likes to look good. Knowing that, what I did was combined the two to get those people attention with our clothes. It’s hard to turn down something that looks good. 1 TRUTH APPAREL is for everyone just like the gospel is for everyone. “And he said unto them, go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to all creation” Mark16:15 here at 1TRUTH APPAREL we give customers the option to wear fly clothes with a message not just fly clothes.

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